Glycoviewer - A Glycan Visualisation tool

Sample screenshot of Glycoviewer


This tool is a visualisation designed to present a set of glycan structures in a concise form, without presenting an overwhelming amount of information.

The tool takes advantage of the nature of the biosynthetic pathways used to synthesise the structures, and focuses on presenting information where there are unique features in the structure. By de-emphasising a lot of the conserved structural features, it becomes easier to see the features that are unique.

The data used here is from GlycoSuiteDB, and several sets of data have been chosen to show how this tool works.

All code for this project is publicly available at Google Code, and was developed as part of EuroCarbDB as part of the doctoral thesis of Hiren Joshi. The tool was first developed at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in the group of Dr Claus-Wilhelm von der Lieth, and then further developed at UNSW at the New South Wales Systems Biology Initiative. EuroCarbDB is a Research Infrastructure Design Study Funded by the 6th Research Framework Program of the European Union (Contract: RIDS Contract number 011952).

This tool was built using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MochiKit and the YUI javascript libraries.

Using the tool

For sample uses of the tool, click here.

To summarise a group of specified glycan structures with the tool, click here.

Important compatibility information

Unfortunately, this application supports only browsers such as Firefox or Safari for presentation of results. If you are using Internet Explorer, please download an alternative browser to use the Glycoviewer. Please note that if you are using Firefox, you need at least version 3.5 to print correctly.